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Fuel Tank

Fuel Tank 710 Lites
10 Year guarantee
Fantastic Prices!


Slimline Oil Tanks

1000 Litre Oil Tanks
Slimline design and easy to store and access.



1000 Litre Oil Tank

1000 Litre Oil Tank
Comes with Connection Kit

Large Oil Tanks

Large Oil Tanks
Ideal for storage of oil and fuel


Plastic Oil Tanks
Ecosure Oil Tanks
Fuel Oil Tanks
Underground Oil Tanks
Fuel Dispensers

 Like most chemicals and substances, fuel is no different it needs to be stored in a safe container that prevents any hazards or spillages. Here we stock and supply a wide range of fuel tanks that are designed to meet the environment agency regulations. Many of our fuel tanks are strong, durable and are rotationally molded and bunded for extra strength and safty. So if you are looking to purchase a fuel tank, we stock and supply many shapes and sizes, from many different manufacturers and suppliers all from the Uk.

So why purchase fuel tank from us

- All of our tanks are designed and made for fuel storage purpose
- We offer plenty of options in shapes and sizes
-Our Fuel Tanks are the best on the market for strength and durability
- UK made fuel tanks also means a faster and much quicker delivery process.
- All our products comply with the latest standards and regulations and are completely environmentally safe. Whatever type of storage you are looking for you can be assured that we can provide it for you without compromising on standards or safety.

Fuel Tank

Our huge range of bunded fuel tanks are aimed at -

  • Agricultural Purposes

  • Domestic Market

  • Oil & Gas industry

  • Industrial use


Fuel Tank Information

Why do i need a fuel Tank? The importance of storing oil and fuel

Whether you are a commercial business, industrial business or domestic, everyone needs somewhere to store there fuel in a storage facility thats going to be safe to the environment. The last thing we need is hazardous fuel and oil spillages from split and unprotected containers. Fuel and oil spillages can cause all sorts of problems to the environment which include many health problems. One example is the effects seen on tv of what happened from oil spills from a marine ship to the beaches and wildlife around. This had many long term effects which effected the seabirds, sea mammals, sea water and coastlines. Many animals died from the results of oil pollution that this caused. Spill damage in shallow waters caused by the oil becoming mixed into the sea by the wave action. Caused harmful levels of toxics which killed shellfish and birds which naturally fly down and swim to eat these fish. The oil glue substance glued its way to the birds covering their wings and preventing them to breakway from the substance causing them to drowned.

Bunded Fuel and Oil Tanks

All of our plastic fuel and oil tanks are bunded which means they have two skins for that extra protection in preventing any spillages.
Ecosure tanks are engineered and designed to be strong and durable and meet all the regulations for storing fuel and oil.

Oil Tank Installation Guidelines


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Fuel Tanks
Rotationally molded fuel tanks that are designed simply for fuel storage here in the Uk
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Oil storage must be stored according to the regulations which state that storage of oil whether it being used for domestic use or commercial should be in a storage tank that is bunded. Bunded meaning a double skin to prevent the oil from spilling and leaking out of the tank...

Manufactured from a tough plastic called MDPE (medium density polyethylene) makes these bunded oil tanks weather and impact resistant. High quality plastic is used to create these oil tanks which means you can be assured your buying a first grade product.


Ecosure tanks are rotationally moulded, giving strength and stability to make Ecosure Oil Tanks ideal for all surroundings. All the Ecosure range are fully approved tanks and dispensers which means we can cater to all your Industrial, Domestic and Agricultural needs
Tank Shop
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